Employee Testimonial

Good experiences are made to be shared.

Christopher Nock

Senior Consultant

What has brought you to zeb?

Having gained practical experience through several internships at different companies, I started my master program in Finance in Rotterdam. My business school, RSM, offers many career events where zeb presented an exciting case study. The firm impressed me with their friendly, yet open and honest company culture. The representatives, Jens and John, showed me that while doing a case, you can have good fun but at the same time I felt challenged. Later on, we went for dinner and I genuinely enjoyed talking openly about student life, career opportunities and other topics such as football. After coming back from the UK, I wanted to start my career as a consultant. When zeb offered me the opportunity to be the first consultant in the new Amsterdam office, I didn’t think twice.


What makes zeb the ultimate jump start in your career?                      

Within my first six months, I already was part of three different projects and learnt a lot as every project was completely different. From financial planning, regulatory challenges to a transformation project, the learning curve is steep and remains exciting. As consultants are typically staffed with a project leader, you always have the opportunity to develop your own ideas, but at the same time you can ask for advice and support. And even though project work is important, there is always time to go for a beer with your colleagues ;)


What are your current responsibilities?

Currently, I am part of a COVID-19 impact analysis project. We simulate the impact of the pandemic on the banks' credit portfolio and present our results to its board, which requires me to think strategically about future developments and of course also deliver the highest quality. I'm really excited to be part of such a future-oriented and strategic project. Next to my project work, I’m part of ‘Team Oranje,’ which enables me to be an entrepreneur with zeb as well. For instance, I’m involved in doing acquisitions for Dutch clients and organizing events at our office in Amsterdam.


First experiences…                  

During my first week, I mainly worked with my colleague Norbert who is Dutch. Depending on which client or colleague we were talking to, I needed to constantly switch between Dutch, English and German and engage myself in different topics at the same time. One week later, I already had my first client meeting with Jens, John and Norbert in the Netherlands. It was really exciting to travel to their HQ and be part of a workshop where we discussed a future project. The week ended with meeting all colleagues from my Practice Group “Risk and Advanced Methodology”. Such a practice group offers you a great network with highly specialized experts from all over Europe.